Where to drink coffee in Copenhagen

Well if you just want a cop of coffee, there are countless of cafés, restaurants, bars and well coffee-shops, where you can get just that. Just take a pick! But if you are a bit more picky and appreciate a really well-brewed cop of coffee, here are a few top-notch places worth a visit.

The Coffee Collective

Kristen Bernikows Gade 2, 1105 København K

Jægersborggade 57, 2200 København N

Godthåbsvej 34B, 2000 Frederiksberg

Vendersgade 6D, 1363 København K

They opened their first coffee shop in 2008 and have established themselves as a household name, when it comes to coffee. With 4 shops spread over the city, chances are you’re not far from one, at any given time. Even though it is a chain of coffee shops, the 4 different locations don’t look the same, because, as it says on their website, The Coffee Collective are ‘Disagreeing with uniformity’. One is in a old bodega and has a glass-roofed courtyard, one is in a former industrial building in Frederiksberg, one is in the food-court Torvehallerne just next to Nørreport Station and the first shop they opened is in Jægersborggade, where they aim to make it feel like a Nørrebro apartment.

The Coffee Collective is run by 3 guys, who can boast of being a former World Barista Champion and a former World Cup Tasting Champion and besides that they have several champions of national and international coffee competitions employed. So they’re not lacking expertise!

Rapha Copenhagen

Kristen Bernikows Gade, 7, 1105 København K

Across from one of the Coffee Collective shops, you can find this cycling club house/coffee shop. Rapha is a cycling clothing brand from United Kingdom, which have 20 something clubhouses all around the world. The clubhouses are where Rapha fans start one of their social rides or end their ride with a bite to eat and a cup of coffee. Here you can shop some Rapha gear, follow one of the big races on the television or just hang out with fellow cycling fans. An absolute must for a fan of the sport, but you’re also very welcome if you just want to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Café Det Vide Hus

Gothersgade 113, 1123 København

This little cosy place is right across Rosenborg Castle and The Kings Garden (Kongens Have). It’s in a old building, with a lot of ambiance and the owner himself is behind the counter. Besides serving great coffee from micro roasters around the world, they offer homemade popsicles named after superheroes and action-stars, plus a small menu of various beverages and very tasty breakfast-like servings.

Did you know that René Redzepi comes here for his coffee now and then? He is the chef and co-owner at Noma, 4-times winner of the title Worlds Best Restaurant – but you probably already knew that.


Værnedamsvej 4B, 1619 København V.


A relatively small place on Værnedamsvej – the street named Copenhagen’s Paris. It’s only around 200 meters long, but it just has a special vibe about it. On the street you can find the popular café Granola, Falernum the wine bar, French cuisine at Les Trois Cochons and a lot of other shops. Oh, and let’s not forget the Central Hotel & Café, the hotel with only one room, which is mentioned in our previous post on Where to stay in Copenhagen.

Where were we? Oh yeah, the coffee shop Rist! Very skilled baristas will serve you a quality cop of coffee and you can also choose a small bite of pastry or snack. You might have trouble finding a place to sit, depending on the time of day, since the space is limited, but at the same time it adds to the ambiance.

Prolog Coffee Bar

Høkerboderne 16, 1712 København


Prolog is in the old meatpacking district, where a lot of new restaurants, bars, galleries and such have been buzzing since the start of the millennium. Prolog is open everyday of the week, from 7AM on weekdays and 9AM on the weekend, so you will be able to get your morning coffee here. Apart from the lovely coffee, you can get various mouthwatering pastries.

CUB Coffee Bar

Boldhusgade 6, 1062 København K
Strandlodsvej 48, 2300 København S


CUB Coffee Bar has two cool shops, where you can get coffee made with freshly roasted beans, from Copenhagen Coffee Lab. Besides coffee and tea, they also serve a few breakfast dishes and pastries.
One of their bars is really central, across from Christiansborg Slot and the other is on the island Amager, near Amager Strandpark, where the beach is found. It’s only 3 metro-stops from Kongens Nytorv – just get off at Lergravsparken. Both of the bars can be recognized by the wooden CUB-sign.

That were a few recommendations, when you’re looking for a great cup of coffee and maybe a small bite. The list will be updated now and then.
Do you have a place you would recommend to other readers? Please leave a comment below and spread the word.

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